This day. What a hilarious, perfect day it was. From the warm, sunny September weather, to the amazing site that is Cambium Farms. Julia + Matt could not have ordered a better day if they had tried.

Their wedding day did have some drama behind it, however. Julia + Matt originally planned for an August wedding, but the venue was shut down. One stressful day of research later, they were able to secure this Friday at Cambium Farms, and their farm wedding dreams continued.

Cambium Farms is a wonderful wedding venue. Fields of wheat, tree lined paths, and of course that big red barn on a hill. Julia was able to get ready in the old red brick house on site, which made for a laid back morning. Mimosas were flowing (and spilling on to the ground fairly often). The music was playing, and some nerves were building. All in all, everyone was relaxed and ready to party (and eager to get to the alcoholic popsicle stand!)

We found the cutest little garden corner for Matt + Julia's first look. The bridal party was gathered in the house behind us, peeking out and watching the whole moment unfold. That tells you a little bit about this group. They were highly involved the whole day, so supportive of this couple and absolutely hilarious to be around!

A special thank you to the team that we worked with to help this day move along so flawlessly. Firstly, Olivia from Liv Chic Events for your beautiful planning work and organization! Brandon and Lauren at Axel + Ace for being an amazing video team to work alongside (and I really loved seeing your work afterwards!). Lisa Serbec from Streetcar Design Co. for lending your incredible second shooting skills to the team this day. It was a joy to work with you all!

big red barn
red driving shed
old red brick house
still life chair and flowers
bridesmaid getting hair done
bride getting hair done
watching dad out the window
steaming bridal veil
woman looking in mirror
maid of honour ribbon
helping bride get dressed
bride looking in mirror
bride's reflection in mirror
groomsmen in parking lot
groom reading letter
bride reading letter
bride crying over letter
groomsmen walking shot
groom waiting for bride
bride approaching groom
first look at wedding
bride groom holding hands
bride groom in garden
bride groom in cute garden
bride groom stand in tree lined path
bride groom snuggle on farm
bride groom kiss by ivy wall
bride groom in pine trees
bridal party walk at farm
groomsmen portrait with wheat
bridesmaids run through wheat fields
groomsmen walk at farm
bridesmaids help put veil on
bride gets ready for ceremony
ceremony musicians
wedding guests arrive by bus
wedding guests hop out of bus
grandma has ipad at wedding
groomsmen wait for ceremony
bridesmaids walk to ceremony
outdoor farm ceremony
bride listens to vows
father of bride cries at wedding

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