bridesmaid arriving to house
wedding rings on wedding invitation
engagement photo framed beside bed
home decor
bride shows off veil
patiently waiting
bride drinks espresso
pouring champagne
brother toasts the bride
bride and bridesmaids share a mimosa
bridesmaid holds brides hand
maid of honour laughs
bride and mother cheers
bride walks upstairs
groomsmen help groom get ready
groom holds scotch
groomsmen cheers
groom gets dressed by window
groom reads letter from bride
bride getting ready
bride reading letter
bride brushes teeth
mom and maid of honour do up brides dress
zipping up bride's dress
emotional moment as bride gets ready
bridal reveal to her friends
bride's nephew wears veil
bride walks downstairs
bridal finishing touches
bride puts her shoes on
nephew plays in the grass
downtown toronto wedding church
candles lit to remember
bridesmaids wait for ceremony
bride walks down the aisle
priest talks to bride and groom
greek orthodox crowning ceremony
bride and groom laugh during ceremony
bride and groom leave ceremony
bride and groom leave church
rice throwing at bride and groom
kiss on rooftop at downtown toronto wedding
shoe detail bride groom walking
bride listens to parents speech
bridal party laughs in reception
bride and groom give speech in spotlights
mother of the bride cries during speech
bridal party toasts at reception
bride and groom walking downtown
couple cuddled up in downtown toronto
wedding portraits in downtown toronto
streetlight lit wedding photos in downtown toronto
toronto wedding portraits after sunset
couple kissing by chandelier
bride and groom by chandelier
greek dancing during reception
greek dancing at downtown toronto wedding
greek dancing one king west toronto
groomsmen pose during wedding reception
groom sits on shoulders of groomsman
bride dances at wedding reception

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