Last year I had the honour to document Ave and Dave’s very adventurous covid wedding at Huron Natural Area in southern Kitchener. I honestly could not imagine a more magical celebration during such a complicated time with such an easygoing couple. I love how they literally just decided on a time and place, strolled up with some chairs, and went for it, and it was so great! Part of the charm of choosing Huron Natural Area for their covid micro wedding is that it’s a special place for them as a couple, where they love to go on walks and wander through the wilderness together. Of course, knowing the area so well, they chose the most beautiful and secluded spot in the park, surrounded by the beautiful fall trees and overlooking the pond. Like most covid weddings the guest list was small, just a few close friends and family, who all helped to carry in (and out) the simple setup of chairs, a table, and well, that was basically it. Their friend’s set up the chairs and a cell phone to live stream the ceremony to those who couldn’t join them in person, while Ave and Dave set up the small simple alter and prepared for the most heartfelt ceremony.

One of many special moments was when Dave’s parents sang a song for the couple while they stood at the altar together, both very emotional and teary-eyed. Their ceremony was full of small thoughtful actions like that, including community poetry reading as well as having guests pick a stone from a basket, think of a message for them and then throw said stone into the pond. Ave and Dave also created a time capsule/keepsake filled with letters written to them from their parents, which were sealed into a box with nails and a hammer close to the end of the ceremony. Afterward, we all packed up together and made our way to a nearby field for a group shot, and then some private alone time exploring the park while I tagged along for their portrait session. Near the end it started to rain and thankfully we had an umbrella on hand, but it was just as beautiful nonetheless.

Ave and Dave’s Huron Natural Area micro wedding was incredibly meaningful, so simple, and (as you can see) so beautiful.

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