Welcome to the ROOT workshop - a beginner's photography workshop for people wanting to know their camera better. This workshop is ideal for people curious about photography, and who want to be better able to document their lives, their business, their travels... and everything in between! ROOT is the workshop I wish was around when starting my photography business. Being able to ask a human questions (vs. watching endless YouTube videos) is incredibly valuable. The first ROOT workshop happened in 2015, and since then we've mentored dozens of people on how to take control of their images. We like to keep the groups small - no more than 6 people - to make sure there is time to have everyone's questions answered. We also really like getting to know you, and eating snacks.


The beginning of ROOT starts with the basics - what is exposure, how do we create it? We'll cover the foundations of how to take control of your camera and create the images you see in your head. Nothing is off limits, so come prepared to ask questions. Our teaching time gets broken up with shoot time (and snacks!) so I can work with people individually and help answer specific questions along the way!

The second part of ROOT is my favourite. We'll start a conversation about LIGHT: different types of light, how lighting situations effect how you use your camera, and most importantly how to use light to tell a consistent + creative story. We'll end with an outdoor adventure to practice together and get some sweet shots.

Spring 2018 - May 5th 2018 There are still spots available for this workshop!

Workshops take place at our home in downtown Kitchener, Ontario.

The investment for ROOT is $200 + HST, paid in full to confirm your spot in the workshop.

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ROOT Workshop is a beginner's photography workshop hosted in Kitchener, Ontario by happy person + lifestyle photographer Oak+Olive Collective.