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Extra Details
Wedding Day Coverage

6 hours - $3200

7 hours - $3500

8 hours - $3800

9 hours - $4000

10 hours - $4200

All hourly rates include high resolution, non-watermarked images.

Images are shared via private online gallery within 6 weeks of the event.

All prices are before HST

Additional Photographers

Second Photographer - $500 up to 8 hours; $75 additional hours

What's the benefit of a second photographer? More candids, more efficiency in group photos, less moving around during the ceremony, optimal timeline during "getting ready" if that's your thing.

Most couples choose to add a Second Photographer at 8 hours and above, and they are recommended for all wedding with 80 or more guests.

All prices are before HST

Adventure Together?

Engagement session: $400

Around 90 minutes of time, this session is both to help get everyone to know each other a bit better. It's also super beneficial so you two get some experience in front of the camera. And the result is some pretttttty cute photos you'll be able to smile back on for the rest of your lives.

Engagement sessions typically result in 75-150 images (depending on what you get up to!).
Sessions include high resolution, non-watermarked images. Images are shared via private online gallery within 3 weeks of the session.

All prices are before HST

Most Commonly Booked Bundle

8 Hours + 2 photographers + Engagement session: $4200 + HST (savings of $500)

What's the most common booking?

Most often, our couples go for 8 hours + 2 photographers, and add an engagement session. With our timeline advice, that means we can capture a lil' bit of getting ready and a lil' bit of the dance party (or whatever other "bookends" to your day there may be) while being around to capture all the goodness in between. This is why we've made a bundle for pricing - to help ya'll out a lil' bit.

Next most common is 6 hours with one photographer. Lots of our clients go a non-traditional route, and 6 hours is often the right amount to capture whatever shenanigans are happening.

Engagement sessions are very common additions as well, and we definitely encourage them.


Shoot Becca a message back and let her know you're ready to book (or, let her know if you still have a few questions!)

After that, we'll get the process of booking started - signing the contract, paying the 50% retainer fee, and CELEBRATING!

Travel + Non-Profit Work + Adorableness // Becca Clayton

Becca has been hanging around here at O+O Co. since 2016, joining the ranks of Associate shooter at the start of the 2018 wedding season.

Becca is chilllll. Her calm vibes, happy demeanor + keen eye are the best thing to have around on a wedding day.

She specializes in little moments, catching the inbetween and otherwise unnoticed. Those small snaps become big, emotional images so representative of what you were feeling.

We shoot images that are based on story + emotion over being posed + perfect. Becca will guide you through moments, making suggestion on light or pose, but allow her couples to feel like themselves and express their love in their own unique way.

When Becca isn’t shooting for O+O Co., you can find her running Community Food Markets for the SEED, a non-profit in Guelph, Ontario or travelling with her partner some place cool (recent trips include Iceland, Faroe Islands + India).