I suppose that every person gets to December 31st and stops – even for a moment –  to think whoa…. the year is over. I’ve been waiting for this year to end for months, but of course I waited til the very last day to go through some photos and put together a post. This has been a big year; I wish I could write about all the things that went right, but as I reminisce about the year I can’t help but tear up over all the things that didn’t. Perhaps it has something to do with the time (currently 00:52 on December 31st) but I feel tired. Thinking about all the things that happen in a year is hard. 2014 was the most emotionally exhausting year of my life; from the very high high’s of growing my business, getting puppy-sisters, buying our first car and my best friend’s wedding…. to the very low low’s of cancer and hospital rooms, workplace trust issues and ended friendships… I’m not sad to see it go.

Yet after all of it…. I was still able to open up my computer and spend a few hours going through all the moments I have on camera. And it didn’t take long to see that there are so many bright moments in the dark ones. Karl and I are happy and healthy, have a place to live, a car, jobS, friends, support, Netflix, a seemingly endless supply of adhesive mustaches…

2014, I don’t have to like you. But I am glad to know that you had some good in you too.

Originally I wanted to make a post strictly from O+O’s perspective. But when I actually started to comb through my catalogue to find the best, I was pulled to so many photos that weren’t for clients or friends. Some of them where just of us, or just technically-incorrect moments that mean a lot. It can be viewed as random, or as a hot mess, or the way I see it; some business, lots personal, but all in all my favourite, emotion-grasping, silly and beautiful photos of 2014.