It poured. Oh, how it poured! The whole drive along the 401 from Kitchener to Toronto I kept thinking “oh, maybe it won’t be so bad!”. But nothing was stopping Mother Nature from letting it all out on this cool Thursday morning. Jenni + Marco had traveled all the way from Fort McMurray, Alberta to hang out with me last week, so we weren’t going to let a little bit of rain stop us. (turns out, we weren’t going to let a whole lot of rain stop us either).

I did little to no directing this entire engagement session, because this pair was so happy to giggle and smile together, to walk and run through the rain, to laugh at me when I fell in the mud, and just to be at peace hanging out and enjoying themselves. Everything was so laid back, and when we finally did get a little tired of the cold and the drizzle, we ducked under a little overhang and tried to dry off while climbing on random tables and wood piles. This was my second time shooting at Evergreen Brickworks, and just like the last time, I was impressed with the strong variety of nooks and crannies to explore.

Jenni + Marco are coming back to Ontario for their September wedding at the Timberhouse near Brighton. It’s going be a day focused on bringing together their friends and family from all across the country and the world, and I just can’t wait to be a part of it.