go ahead, show off

I’m stoked to work with Interior Designers + Decorators to capture their stunning work through images that show off every nook in the best possible light.

The process is simple – after determining what editing style will best suite your custom brand, we’ll spend 45, 75 or 120 minutes together shooting your space. It’s an interactive experience; I want to know what your vision is and recieve real-time feedback so we both walk away confident about the shoot.

Following our shoot, a gallery of proofs will be uploaded for your viewing within 3 days. A few shots will be fully edited to give you a taste of the final product. It will be your job to go through and select 20, 40 or 60 images. Once selected, these images will be fully edited. One round of editing review (in case anything needs tweaking!) will follow before those high resolution images are all yours.

Shoot Details
Session Fees
Are the files high resolution?

Yes, absolutely. You are able to download both high resolution and web sized files from your private online gallery. Please note that we use a software called "JpegMini" to resize the files and make them as efficient as possible while bringing the file size down significantly. This does not effect resolution or quality in any way, and is simply a program that saves us thousands (yes, thousands) of GB storage a year.

What sort of credit is owed to the photographer?

None! Once the files are released to you, they are yours to use as marketing material, to share online and in print, and to use in whatever manner your business requires.

Of course, shouting out @oak.andoliveco will never be frowned upon - but feel absolutely no obligation.

At each shoot, the clients (if applicable) will sign a photo release ensuring you have full rights to use images of their spaces for your business.

How is the proofing gallery/final gallery shared?

Both proofing galleries and final galleries will be shared online, in your own private online gallery. You can easily make selects for edits within the gallery online, and are able to access each shoot using the same custom link. The gallery has both a password and download pin for double privacy protection.

Please ask Jacquie to see an example of a gallery.

How many files can I expect from our shoot?

Each 45 minute session will result in a minimum of 60 images to be seen for selection. Each 45 minute session fee allows you to select up to 20 images for final edits. A 75 minute shoot will result in a minimum of 100 proofs and 40 final selections; and a 120 minute shoot will result in a minimum 140 proofs and 60 final images.

Additional images above the included files can be purchased for $5/file.

Can I edit the photos?

You are welcome to crop/use overlays for marketing purposes on the images.

However, additional edits (such as photoshop removal, colour correction, Instagram or Snapchat filters) are prohibited.

The biggest reason for this strict rule is that you will damange the quality of your JPEG file by making changes. It would be far better to let me know there is an issue and have me correct the problem using the RAW format file, so we can keep the full quality intact.

If something doesn't look right - let me know!

How does Oak + Olive Co. use the files?

The only way we share any files from a shoot is through this page, or to show potential new clients previous work. You will not see us sharing any images on our social media, on our website beyond this hidden page, or using them in any personal capacity.

We respect the privacy of your clients homes/spaces, as well as wish for you to be the one to share your work through these images in the way you see fit!

What will be covered during the shoot?

The base shoot is 45 minutes long. 45 minutes is enough time for me to cover one room well. In this time, I will be able to grab a variety of wide shots from each angle, vertical vignettes and many individual details. If you would like to be featured in a shot or two, that is also possible.

I offer 75 and 120 minutes sessions if our shoot is extending beyond one room of the home. I will recommend which length of shoot we should book in depending on the expectations of outcomes. For instance, if you are hoping each room of a condo will be covered in great detail, I would suggest a 120 minute shoot. If you are looking for more of an overview of the entire space, we can work with 45 or 75 minutes.

What about headshots?

A headshot session is a separate shoot, outside of other Interior Design sessions. Of course, some of your work might be featured in your headshot shoot depending on location, but the primary goal is to capture YOU as the subject.

Headshot sessions last up to 2 hours, and can feature multiple locations/outifts (in fact, it's encouraged!). The process following headshots is the same - you will recieve a proofing gallery and will be able to select up to 35 images for final edits. The images will be edited in the same style you've selected for your Design work (consistency for the win!).


Before each shoot, you will be required to submit an outline about your expectations for the shoot. Primarily, it is important for me to know what the key elements of the space are. Knowing your preference for how the space is shot (ie: focus on architecture vs. focus on stylings) is also important.

Don't worry, I'll walk you through this part!

Custom Editing Style

I offer the chance for you to have input on how your files are edited, so that we can match your already established brand.

Some like their colours bright, some like them muted; some want warm photos, others want crushed highlights.

After our first shoot, I will be able to take your through some editing details on a 20 minute skype call to make sure we perfect the look you're going for. That look will then be applied to all shoots going forward, so you have a consistent look and feel across the board.

Headshot Session

up to 2 hours
multiple locations in KW (indoor, outdoor)
outfit changes encouraged

up to 35 high resolution, full edited files
printing and digital rights to files

$350 + HST

Standard Interior Design Shoot

45 minute session at one location
Session outline + live feedback requests

up to 20 high resolution, full edited files
printing and digital rights to files
additional images $5/image

$200 + HST

Extended Interior Design Shoot

75 minute session at one location, up to 2 spaces
Session outline + live feedback requests

up to 40 high resolution, full edited files
printing and digital rights to files
additional images $5/image

$300 + HST

Extra Extended Interior Design Shoot

120 minute session at one location, multiple spaces
Session outline + live feedback requests

up to 60 high resolution, full edited files
printing and digital rights to files
additional images $5/image

$400 + HST


Reach out to hello@oakandolive.ca to get the process started.

I’m so excited to meet you and capture your amazing work!