I can’t get enough of this beautiful evening spent with Ian + Emma, adventuring around the forest and stopping wherever the light was good. I love the Kitchener-Waterloo area because there are an incredible amount of locations available to us, and with just a little extra exploring, you can snap away in the nooks less traveled. Wandering with this adorable couple was incredibly fun; there was much giggling, which is an important step for a happy life + a cute engagement session.
A common theme when working with my couples is trust. I am so thankful that Ian + Emma trusted me to guide them through taking these photos. When I said things like “can you guys go across the lake and see if you can sit on the one random limb that’s under the only orange tree while I stay here?”, it’s so awesome that they took the chance/the long walk and made a not-so-easy climb out to the lake for one photo. An adventurous spirit leads to a fun variety of images, which is something that I love! Thanks for such a good adventure, friends!


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