Kari-Anne and Bryden met up us with on a sunny Saturday for a downtown Kitchener couple’s shoot. These two were such incredible models, and were so up to the challenge of being photographed by 3 people at once. Our crew of 5 walked around downtown Kitchener and stopped where the graffiti was excellent, the bricks were clean, and the light was good. We were refreshed by warmer temperatures, and all enjoyed a change from our typical woodland habitat.

Downtown Kitchener is a vibrant location for photos. Secret alleyways, lush ivy walls and artistic graffiti make for great backdrops on every corner! I live in downtown Kitchener, but as I often shoot outside of KW, this was my first downtown shoot! I really enjoyed experiencing my neighbourhood as a creative playground.

Oak+Olive Co. shot this session as a team. Becca, Jenessa and I each took turns prompting Kari-Anne + Bryden to snuggle up and focus on each other. Our team experienced shooting altogether for the first time and it was wildly fun. As we each book wedding clients for O+O, we wanted to showcase how consistent our work is. Our goal with this shoot was to not only get three different perspectives, but also individually take the lead and direct moments. When put all together, it’s very difficult to tell who shot what – I already forget who each image belongs to!

Each of us use a different camera, but our approach to shooting is the same. Jenessa, Becca and I all want to capture photos that are happy, casual, and genuine. We want to make sure our couples feel comfortable, and free to focus on each other. Most of all, we don’t default to poses, but direct our couples to interact in ways that will result in real photos. Our photo sessions are straight up  fun. If our couples are feeling giggly, we want to showcase that. If our couples are really cuddly, we encourage those emotions instead. Most importantly, our couples never have to worry about what to do, as we are there to guide the process. All we ask in return is that you show up ready to smile a little bit.

I am incredibly fortunate to have Jenessa and Becca on this team. They are both dedicated, hilarious, creative and thoughtful. They produce work that continually inspires me and makes our clients so excited. I think their clients are some of the luckiest out there.

couple cuddle by graffiti couple stand near fire escape boyfriend spins girlfriend