Back in January we headed down to Cuba with Karl’s side of the famalam for a warm week away with 2 parents, 6 siblings and 3 nieces.  We stayed in a really beautiful apartment style resort at the tip of Varadero, and while Karl and I slept in four different beds the first four night dues to various exploding pipes and tricky niece sleeping combinations, it was definitely a good place to be.

Most of our time was spent in the ocean or on the beach, but midway through the week we went on a day tour of Havana. We took the bus into town with a group of people, but decided to hop off and spend the afternoon exploring without a guide. There was so much to see it would have been awesome to have more time, but all in all it was definitely a highlight of the trip. (although, I don’t think anything can really top the ocean. Like, waves and seaweed and sand everywhere is the best).

I only busted out my camera a few times – as I was afraid of sand – and some of my photography skills were definitely also on vacation, but sometimes it’s just fun to snap pictures because life is happening. For those interested, I brought my Canon 5d and 50mm 1.4 lens along. Here are a few of my fave images.