This camp engagement session at Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp was such a joy for so many reasons. It was fun to revisit a place that I spent time at as a kid. But more importantly, it was great to explore camp with Camille + Devon. They both spent many years working at this summer camp together. It’s where they met, and where they’ll be married. It doesn’t get much more special than that.

Camille is a sweet and talented wedding photographer herself, and being asked to shoot another photographer’s wedding is kind of a big deal. I was so flattered when they asked me to join them at this special place for their camp engagement + wedding. It’s no secret that I seriously love camp weddings. With Camille’s earthy vision I know that their celebration is going to be perfect.

While planning their camp engagement session, the three of us collaborated to make sure we would get the most use out of this location. We shot at the end of May, so the start of summer was fresh on everyone’s mind. It made sense to incorporate classic camp activities, like canoeing and a campfire. When Camille told me they wanted to also run and jump into the pond, I was super pumped. It was frigid (so I was really relieved I wasn’t the one taking the plunge) but it was a total throwback to all those “fun” morning dips at camp.

We started this one off by finding a good patch of light where Camille + Devon could just chill for a moment and get some of those photoshoot jitters out. I love waiting to see what couples will do; you can learn so much about two people by just taking a moment to watch how they laugh together.

Thanks for sharing your vision and trusting me to help execute it, you two!

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