WHAT TO EXPECT // We shoot for story, emotion + authenticity over posed + perfect. But what does that really mean? We’re don’t show up with expectations. There is no certain order that things need to happen, or a list of experiences you should be having. We’re a chill bunch who will show up, eyes open, ready to respond to what’s happening in front of us. If you two are complete silly heads, we’ll capture that. If you’re on the quieter side and just feeling all the big moments of the day, your photos will reflect that. We’re not there to change reality, only to capture it in the moody + colourful way that
we know how to so well.
INVESTMENT // Jacquie’s 8 hour collections start at $4000, and Becca + Jenessa’s start at $3000. Engagement sessions can be added to any collection for $350.
GEAR // Jacquie + Becca use Canon, Jenessa has Nikon. You can let the tech kids argue over system differences; it makes no difference to us, as we all know how to use our gear perfectly. Professional bodies + prime lenses make up our bags. And yes, we always (always always) have back up gear with us.
PROCESS // 6 week turnaround on weddings, 3 week turnaround on engagement. All post-processing is handled by Jacquie, to keep things perfectly consistent and make sure everything falls into that O+O aesthetic. We shoot approx 60 – 75 images an hour. All images are given in a private online gallery, with download options for high rez + websize.
PINTEREST // Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration.  That being said, photos are made up of so many elements that recreating photos you’ve seen online would be challenging + time consuming. What we find so inspiring and beautiful about each wedding is the chance to document the unique relationships that exist between couples and their families + friends. If there are moods you find yourself drawn to in the imagery you’re looking at, let us know! But we don’t spend the day shooting with a list in front of our faces. We can do better than that!
PHOTO PRINTING // We include the digital rights for printing in all our wedding collections because we believe 10000% that the images you have invested in deserve so much more than life on a hard drive. Remember floppy disks? It won’t be long before USBs are also obsolete. Print for your walls, in an album, for your grandma.. bring them to life!
We always recommend printing through us. We use a leading North American lab with incredible paper quality and colour calibration that works with our editing screens. We do our best to keep prices reasonable to make this choice accessible for everyone. It’s kind of like the difference between a fancy Lexus and my $17,000 Yaris… both drive places and we’d love to be given either by Oprah, but one is a lot nicer
TIMELINE // We don’t expect you to know everything from the get go, and want you to know we are here to help! From helping to plan your day-of timeline, to offering location or vendor advice, we want to be as helpful as possible to ensure you guys are thinking about the right things, and it’s not all too stressful. We’ll be here the whole time, promise!