Oak+Olive Co
Jacquie, Becca, Jenessa

My name is Jacquie. I am a Kitchener wedding photographer, board game enthusiast, puppy-mom to Albus Dumbledog, huge HP fan (<–) and storyteller. I live in downtown Kitchener in a little redbrick house with my husband of 6 years, Karl.  It’s the best, really.

My small photography hobby was fed by my curiosity to learn more; more about how the camera worked, how businesses were run, how the photographers I admired were able to capture these little moments that so well represented human relationships and told such strong stories. One thing led to another, and 3 years after picking up my camera for the first time I was self employed and capturing couple’s stories every weekend.

It wasn’t long before things got so busy around here that I needed to recruit some help, and our collective was born. We are intent on shooting the best stories out of ordinary moments, and capturing the way things feel rather than just look. Your wedding day is not a production, and we will not treat it like one.